"KAT-TUN no zettai mane shitakunaru TV" will start airing on 18th Oct at 2400 JST on NTV xD

    New single "BIRTH" to be released on Nov 30th! xD

    Catch Kame as Bemu on Youkai Ningen Bemu every Saturday at 9PM JST on NTV.

    Koki will be reprising his role as 'Ren' in Hissatsu Shigotonin 2012. Broadcast date TBA sometime in 2012.

    Catch the-now-BALD Ueda for his role as a host-turned-inmate in Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no tame ni airing on October 27th.

    Catch Maru on Last Money - Ai no Nedan every Tuesday nights at 22:00 JST on NHK.

    & Dachitabi with Maru & Massu (NEWS) every Thursday ngihts at 12:28AM JST on NTV.

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IMUSICFES Worlwide Support for Hyphens and KAT-TUN

Hi there lovelies! As suggested by our fellow Hyphens, this is the compilation of the tweeted links for the Internet Music Festival Poll. Click on all the links to give points to our brethren ^^ It’ll all save us time and give us more chances of voting. So,go and abuse your mouse this time! It’s … Continue reading

KAT-TUN’s 17th Single, “BIRTH”.

GOODNEWS HYPHENS! KAT-TUN will be releasing their 17th single titled “BIRTH” in lieu of Kame’s drama OST for “Youkai Ningen Bemu”. The single is set to be released on NOVEMBER 30TH (Wed) 2011. We all know that KAT-TUN is almost a LEGEND for their #1 prowess on the Oricon charts since their debut with Real … Continue reading

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